Connecting The Dots

Under various "Campaigns" the marketing agencies has motivated businesses managers to invest a lot of resources in the latest hype within the area of Information Technology over the world.

When almost ready to go live a new "campaign" has been launched, so the reality has more often than thought of been that the Return Of Investment related to the individual project never meet the expectations written in the Business Case...

For the business owner it would be benefitual with a change in the approach on how technology should support the business, as there is always a new solution to a challenge, however the new solution might be worthless in the event you choose it without integrting it in the business strategy.

"There are many ways to Rome..." is a traditional quote in Europe and so be it when it comes to useful frameworks and methodologies for setting up an action plan for your business.

Sometimes a more rational and pragmatic approach will be of more value both on short term and longterm results, so why not start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Would you like to have a flexible IT platform matching your business needs?
  • Would you like to learn how your business can benefit from "best practise"?

Using the experience achieved while working at enterprises we think strategically while acting operationally focusing on what needs to get done.

As Business Consultant & Coach we consult the challenges and coach the team in finding the best soluton for your business aiming for the benefits in using a holistic approach when integrating Business Processes & IT.