Kaje Engineering is a Danish consulting firm using a holistic approach when focusing on intelligent solutions providing a flow for our clients, whether it's business or data processes.

Our experts deliver business expertise and in-depth knowledge in the areas of programme & project management, operations and performance improvements to serve our corporate clients.

Kaje Engineering has advised and managed projects for government agencies and private companies in sectors like: transportation, aviation, airport services, healthcare and telecommunication.

These projects have been executed within Europe and USA. In Kaje Engineering we focus our work within Construction, Telecommunication, IT and Big data.


  • assistance during various phases, i.e. prestudy, design, materiel, products, vendors, usage, planning and execution
  • assistance with prestudy, identification and prioritisation of requirements when it comes to flexible solutions in the design, where use of technology is expected to increase over time


  • improvement of existing solutions
  • development of new hardware
  • improvement of existing hardware
  • development of new software
  • improvement of existing software

Information Technologi

  • improvement of existing IT platform used within the business
  • improvement of data flow within the business
  • business requirements when issuing a Request For Proposal

Big data

  • development of new models to be used within telecommunication
  • improvements of existing models within telecommunication
  • improvements of how the business could use their existing data strategically

Business Strategy

  • assistance with building an operational business strategy for a SMB going global

Digital Strategy

  • helping the business with a strategy for use of new technology

Business Coaching

  • helping individuals or/and teams in progressing along the best path forwards while having their vision in mind


  • we have specialished in helping our clients with identifying potential suppliers of specific products to be used in a PoC phase