Business Coaching

Within the coaching world there are multiple "titles", however it's not the title but the outcome of the service, that is most important for you and your team.

Implementing new IT solutions in an organization will generally have to be considered as a change project.

Next to the technology part, there will also be changes to existing processes and procedures, which is where the "coaching technique" shows to be benefitual for all involved.

Kaje Engineering defines the difference between operating as consultant and as coach as following:

  • The function of consulting is to show clients inefficiencies in their systems and suggest better, more efficient strategies for their systems
  • The function of coaching is to get more out of them, than they can get out of themselves

Operating within Information Technology in the zone between the business requiremments and the technical specifications (sometimes including limitations) sometimes requires a combination of both functions when servicing the business - whether it is an individual or a team you are interacting with.

We are committed to follow the Evercoach Code of Ethics guiding actions and decisions as coaches.