Our Program for PhD Students

Within our areas of interest in Electronics Engineering we and our partner create the relation between potential PhD candidates from development countries to selected universities within European Economic Area.



Main objective of the program offered is to graduate high level and talented Ph. D. students, who can handle and interpret difficult and challenging problems in information technology within Electronics Engineering. 

Our PhD Graduates are expected to handle, analyse, design and offer viable solutions to the problems of the related institutions and our companies in Europe as well as global. 

On the other hand, as a part of our program the PhD Students will be given education to prepare them to do research and teaching as a faculty member in universities in or outside Europe.

Subject areas

The PhD Program is academically linked to the following main areas:

  •  Telecommunications
  •  Wireless and Mobile Communications
  •  Advanced Signal Processing and Applications to Communications
  •  Microwave systems and Electronics
  •  Information and Coding Theory
  •  Sensor and Neural Networks
  •  Control Systems